Hardie Grant:
Modern Block Printing

Book Photography

Hardie Grant commission

I photographed a book!! Rowan Sivyer of Little Rowan Redhead wrote an amazing book titled Modern Block Printing, sharing multiple inspiring projects you can complete at your own pace to learn how to carve your own block stamps, ink them up, and create fun pieces for around the home.

It was five full days of photographing fun, with styling by Claire Cassidy of  Studio Flos — we three made up the dream team, taking over Rowan’s home space and studio to get through the detailed shot list. Thanks to Rowan and Hardie Grant, for trusting me with this awesome project.

February–March 2022

Portrait of a woman laughing while she block prints by hand onto navy fabric in her creative studio space
Portrait of Rowan Sivyer, a white woman with bright red hair wearing a black jumpsuit, standing in her home studio where she creates block printing artworks by hand
Block Printing artwork is pulled from a hand carved rubber block to reveal a gradient of pink to purple floral artwork
Block printing by hand using stamp inks and repetitive patterns
Block printed tissue paper lanterns
Hand carved block printing in the making using artist's carving tools
Block printing small rubber stamps that have been hand carved to make tesselated patterns in the shape of the letter S
Hand pulled block print of a woman holding a plant
Printing by hand using hand carved rubber stamps onto fabric in the design of lipstick
Hugs and kisses XO hand carved rubber stamp used in different colours to create an overlay wrapping paper design
Printing with potato shapes onto a tote bag in bright primary colours
Hand printed gift wrap in a variety of colours and patterns used to wrap bouquets of flowers
Gradient ink from bright pink to deep purple
Portrait of a woman laughing while she block prints by hand onto navy fabric in her creative studio space
Embroidering hand block printed fabric to make a home made cushion cover
Block printing by hand using stamp inks to create a gift card design
A sea of hand carved rubber stamps by Little Rowan Redhead
Constructing a paper lantern using hand block printed papers and cardboard at home
A poster displaying the letter S hangs above a child's desk at home