Glost Studios

Brand Photography

A space to learn the ins and outs of clay making

Ciane of Glost Studios invited me to visit her beautiful, bright shop front in Dulwich Hill in Sydney’s Inner West to capture the varying aspects of clay making — both in a teaching capacity and with her own ceramics practice.

So much goes into running this humble teaching space, and the love Ciane throws at her small business is so admirable. We focused on creating imagery that Ciane can use on Glost Studios’ social media and website to help connect her audience with the variety of processes involved in clay making as well as to build & boost her own personal brand as a ceramic artist.

We created imagery that can help Ciane educate current and future students about what goes into preparing & recycling clay for classes, throwing on the wheel, using hand-building techniques, turning completed student works, and glazing. A very fun day indeed!

Half day shoot + Mini Shoot / February & March 2023

Ciane Brewster, a woman of colour, smiles at the camera surrounded by shelves of ceramics and green indoor plants at her ceramics studio in Sydney Australia
Hand built ceramic vessel with lots of texture
Beautiful ceramic work of Glost Studios arranged on a white table
Portrait of Ciane Brewster of Glost Studios, a woman of colour, leaning on a wall and smiling at the camera in her ceramics studio in Dulwich Hill Sydney
Pottery wheels lined up in a row at Glost Studios, ready for students to arrive to learn how to wheel throw with clay
Ciane, a woman of colour, throws clay on a pottery wheel
A woman stands in her ceramics studio surrounded by glazes, shelves of work and green indoor plants, while she prepares recycled clay from a white bucket
Leather hard clay works are ready for turning on the wheel
Bisque fired ceramic works are poured with glazed before their final firing
Ceramics wheel clean and ready with tools to start throwing
Centering and opening clay on the pottery wheel
Pulling up clay on the pottery wheel to create a straight vessel
A women throws a rounded vase on a pottery wheel
Ciane of Glost Studios forms a wheel thrown vase complete with her signature dimple marks
Ciane of Glost Studios throws on the wheel in a cream jumpsuit at her Dulwich Hill space
Ciane waters her many green indoor plants at Glost Studios
Hand buildling clay techniques
A set of student ceramic works at Glost Studios, glazed and ready for collection
Bisque fired ceramic works are dipped into glaze buckets before their final firing
Ciane trims student clay works at Glost Studios as part of weekly classes
Wheel throwing ceramic class in action, the teacher smiling at the student, at Glost Studios Sydney
Wheel throwing lesson in action, showing the teacher demonstrate to the student how to pull up the walls of the clay
Wheel throwing ceramics class in action, where the teacher gives a demo to students surrounding their wheel
During a hand building ceramics class a student is making a tall mug with a curly handle
Hand building ceramics class students smile as they create mugs together
Hand building ceramics class in action where the teacher and students enjoy making mugs and quirky designs
Students at a wheel throwing ceramics class
Students of a wheel throwing ceramics class pose for a photo with the pieces they made at Glost Studio Sydney