Jane Jones Jewellery

Brand & Product Photography

Showcasing new creations, handmade in Newtown

Jane of Jane Jones Jewellery commissioned me to capture her in her Newtown studio, where she designs, crafts and packages her range of earrings, necklaces, rings and bangles. We strategically split a half-day shoot capturing Jane on the tools as well as a selection of her latest range on a model.

From a light & bright study-size room in her family home, Jane produces all of her original collections by hand, one piece at a time — and it is a wonderful thing to witness. From simple, minimalist shapes to applying unique textures (and using laboratory gemstones!), Jane’s aesthetic is connected to the precious elements she works with.

These images will be used to assist Jane in applying for more high-end markets and events, obtaining more stockists, and enhancing her website and social media content.

Half day shoot / May 2023

Women of colour wears rings created by Jane Jones Jewellery, with her hands resting on her leg, wearing light denim jeans and white linen top
Organic earring designs created by Jane Jones Jewellery in silver and gold
Detail of a single gold daisy earring design on the right ear of a woman of colour
Woman wearing a sterling silver necklace with a delicate chain and a daisy design
White woman with curly brown hair sits at her jewellers workbench, smiling at the camera and wearing a navy and white striped top and denim pants
A jeweller polishes a sterling silver ring at her workbench
A white women with curly brown hair sits at her desk sketching jewellery design ideas
Woman wears a range of sterling silver rings, resting her hands over the back of a white chair, wearing a white linen shirt
A jeweller packages up a silver ring in sustainable packaging ready to ship to the customer
Profile of a woman of colour, smiling and wearing long gold earrings
A women of colour wears a white linen shirt and a sterling silver change necklace
White woman with curly brown hair sits at her jewellers workbench inspecting a new necklace they have made
Close up of a jewellers workbench as they file a round necklace pendant in sterling silver featuring a pink gemstone
A jeweller use a soldering torch to heat silver, gems and pearls ready for new design carving and setting
Jeweller inspects a sterling silver chain necklace in their two hands
Woman of colour wears a range of sterling silver rings, resting her hands on her lap wearing light denim jeans