Clay by Soraya

Brand Photography

Capturing the handmade ceramic process

Ceramicist and artist Soraya Nematollahi of Clay by Soraya commissioned me to photograph her in her home studio space, showcasing the range of processes she uses to create her collection.

Through our prepared shot list, we set out to craft content that will help tell Soraya’s story as an Iranian-Australian artist and the beautiful space she has built for herself. We focused on Soraya’s hand-building techniques, her use of underglazes and illustration, her inspiring sketch books and moments of ideation, as well as pieces of content she can use to advertise workshops and teaching.

Our half day session together resulted in a large library of image options for Soraya to use across her social media, website, market applications, and workshops bookings — and we had the best fun!

Half-day shoot / March 2023

Soraya sorts the shelves of ceramic bisque fired pieces in her home studio
Iranian ceramic piece created by Clay by Soraya
Ceramic artist illustrates ideas in a notebook