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Hi, I’m Samee—
I’m a Lifestyle Photographer, Digital Graphic Designer, & Founder of The Kind Guide. Based in Melbourne, but often found travelling, I enjoy creating visual stories, social media content and thoughtful web experiences for brands, small business & entrepreneurs.

I love being able to combine two of my favourite things—design and photography—to produce experiences and visual stories that people can connect with. Working with you to drive your business in a direction that communicates with your audience is the best way to describe what I do. Having worked for several startups and small design studios, I’m all about the big picture as well as the finer details (read as: hawk-eye on typos). Now freelancing from my own studio, I focus on projects across web design, digital marketing, and social media content creation.

My creative spirit is most alive when connecting with like-minded people—it’s all about the people, and I’m always up for a chat. Listening; brainstorming; strategising; feeling that small business buzz; where there are endless possibilities and stories waiting to be told. I love working on projects that range from photographing makers, creative spaces, storefronts, candidly capturing large scale events, behind the scenes, or creating feature content for your blog; designing (or redesigning!) your website through thoughtful visuals, user experience and content strategy; capturing and writing the ultimate travel guide to the best local spots in any city or place; or consulting on how to improve your Instagram in new and creative ways—believe it or not, the list goes on!

Through contracting for a combination of startups, entrepreneurs, larger organisations and small design studios in Sydney, London and now Melbourne, I have gained experience across a broad range of projects within the creative industry since 2006. I now work independently from my own studio in Melbourne, happily balancing between design, photography and consulting, and am always open to new projects and collaborations.

Select clients include The Times of London, Expedia, Art Gallery of NSW, The Finders Keepers Market, Life Instyle, ELK, Peppermint Magazine, Woven Magazine, Craftivist Collective, VicRoads and HIP V HYPE.

In my ‘spare time’ I enjoy collecting #neighbourhoodnumbers, throwing clay on a wheel, visiting both the mountains and the seaside, watching docos, and dreaming up inspired side projects.

Socially conscious, ethical and environmentally sustainable business is something I am very passionate about, and as a result, I launched a self-initiated directory and online publication in 2016 called The Kind Guide that focuses on the positive change-makers in the fashion and garment manufacturing industry. My hope is that The Kind Guide will not only act as a useful resource to find ethical clothing brands, but one that will inspire more people to ask the fundamental question of #whomademyclothes and shift an industry into a more transparent future.

If you have a design, photography or Instagram-related project in mind, or you simply love to chat all things sustainability(!), I’d love to hear from you. I am always happy to travel, too, and am often found between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Get in touch via email or send a DM on Instagram—
Instagram: @samsette / @thekindguide

Current list of services:


Studios & Stores

Photography & Consulting
for Instagram

Digital Design

Websites & Apps
Digital Publications
EDM Newsletters

Graphic Design

Business Cards
Print Publications
Posters & Postcards


“Samee has been pivotal in capturing moments and telling the stories behind our Finders Keepers events. Samee’s images have been heavily used across all our marketing campaigns and have helped capture the essence of what our brand is all about. Working with Samee is effortless, she really gets our aesthetic, understands how to capture what we want and delivers on time. We would highly recommend working with Samee.” — Sarah Thornton, Co-Founder, The Finders Keepers Market

“Working with Samee means that you can feel assured you’re in very capable hands. She’s not only got a great eye and intuition when it comes to her work, she’s also super friendly and professional to deal with.” — Emma Morris, Slow Fashion Market

“Working with Samee on multiple projects has been an incredibly positive experience for me. Her professionalism and expertise is delivered with fabulous ideas that are both relevant and honest. I am so thrilled with the results from her photography and design delivery. Our photoshoots were so much fun and the end product is impressive. Communication was always open throughout the shoots and post-shoot. Samee is a wonderful person to work with and her integrity is of the highest calibre. I look forward to future collaborations and projects with this glorious woman.” — Hanna Woolley, Nanna Woo Handmade

“Samee spent four months working in a freelance capacity on a variety of projects for The Times and Sunday Times in 2015. She primarily worked on a new internationally focused edition app and our Apple News launch implementation. Both of these projects required her to work in small teams who were expected to work quickly and iteratively. Both briefs were light-weight and required Samee to bring her wealth of knowledge and experience to help shape the final products. Her ability to receive feedback and incorporate it into revised designs and prototypes is excellent, as was her approach to interpreting the high-level direction provided at the start of the projects. Samee was a key member of the teams working on these projects and her contributions extended far past her design and UX background. I hugely enjoyed working with Samee and my only regret is she could not continue working for us due to her return to Australia. Do not hesitate to hire her.” — Nick Petrie, Head of Digital, The Times and Sunday Times, London


Finders Keepers: Photography Tips, May 2019
Woven Magazine: Issue 04, 2019
Elk Instagram Takeover, July 2017
Peppermint Magazine: Issue 33, Autumn 2017
Fathom Away: 24 Best Travellers on Instagram 2016
Woven Magazine: Issue 02, 2016
The Apartment
Radical Yes

Above portrait taken in Hyde Park, London, by Bianca Cash.
Below left at my home in Fitzroy North, Melbourne.
Below right taken during a coffee stop in Oxford, UK, by Luke Chapman.

Handmade ceramics by Samee Lapham
Portrait of photographer Samee Lapham