Leaf and Thread Ceramics

Product Photography

Made by hand and loved by locals

I was commissioned by local maker Laura Veleff of Leaf and Thread to capture her ceramic pots, planters and one-of-a-kind vases for Instagram content and in preparation for the launch a new website and studio shop. Inspired by 1970s and 1980s interior design books, folk art and the art of her partner Greg Wood, we set out to create images that were reflective of these influences and have driven the Leaf and Thread aesthetic direction to this date.

Laura has become a well-loved ceramicist to the local community of indoor plant enthusiasts, where the signature glazes of any Leaf and Thread pot are instantly recognised by her adoring customers! Every piece is hand-thrown on the pottery wheel, trimmed, glazed and fired by Laura in her studio in East Brunswick in Melbourne.

Full day shoot / November 2018

Leaf and Thread ceramic pots, planters and vases all handmade in Melbourne
Blue frost planter with a trailing succulent
Ceramic planters in Leaf and Thread signature desert glaze
Earthy orange terracotta planters
Laura holds one of her small handmade ceramic pots
Indoor plants sitting by the window in the studio
Blue frost glaze close up
Leaf and Thread Glacier Planter
Leaf and Thread Glacier Planters in six different shapes and sizes
In the studio at Leaf and Thread surrounded by potted indoor planters
Leaf and Thread's signature leaf motif carved in the bottom of every piece
Misty morning glazed hanging planter with hand-shaped brass attachments
Leaf and Thread pots scattered across the studio floor