Tahiti Tourisme

Travel & Lifestyle Photography

Capturing island life

I was selected as one of six individuals who won a competition to partner with Tahiti Tourisme to create content over a four-day trip and encourage others to visit the Islands of Tahiti.

Based on the photographs and travel guides I had published and written on Townske (since closed) for destinations like Berlin, Copenhagen, Florence, and a number of spots around the UK, I produced three new guides for Tahiti Tourisme based on an itinerary developed by their team.

The impact of this trip will stay with me forever — Tahitians are very spiritual, connected people; and their love of nature and each other make this place really special. There’s always much more to a place than the crystal clear waters you see on a typical brochure. This is what I captured.

November 2016

Palm trees off the coast of Tahiti
A group of friends watch local surfers off the coast of Tahiti
A hut amongst the flora of Tahiti
Visiting a waterfall
Scooter parked on the side of the road
Native flora sprouts out the front of a locals house
Market stall for fresh fruit and vegetables
A local bike rides to the supermarket
A house built on the water of a blue lagoon
Infinity pool into a blue sky at a resort in Tahiti
A day of the beach of Huahine
Fresh food served
Interior inspired by island life with plants and shells
Vanilla plantation
Entrance to a local shop with shoes at the door
A house on the water
A local Tahitian woman sweeps on the beach
A blue lagoon off the coast of Huahine
Pearl farm details with ceramics and shells
A local mans yellow truck parked under palm trees
An owner's dog enters their home
An artists work hangs in her studio hut
Paint brushes and pastels sit on the desk of an artists studio
Tattoos on a local Tahitian man's back represent his life
Traditional weaving hangs at the door of someones home in Huahine
Two men bring back the days catch of fish to sell on the street
Stop sign decorated with weaving
Fare beach on the island of Huahine
Bungalow style resort on Huahine
Traditional fish traps
An ice cream cart on the back of a bike
Frangipani tree
Surfers swim under a rainbow