Press Galleria
Studio Visit

Brand Photography

Bringing nature into art through preservation and learning

I met Sophie of Press Galleria at a local Sydney weekend market and was instantly taken by her incredible herbarium artworks. We stayed connected after chatting that day, and a few months later Sophie commissioned me to mentor & consult with her on how to approach her Instagram account. We worked through content ideation and strategy, and then booked a photoshoot at her home studio to capture the workings of how her practice unfolds and how her artworks come to be.

Collecting botanicals on bushwalks, Sophie researches each piece she finds and takes them through an extensive preservation process. These are then sorted, stored, and eventually turned into beautifully detailed botanical artworks to hang in the home. This is a passion project of Sophie’s and one I am completely in awe of.

Half day shoot / August 2022

Close up of botanical artwork featuring individual gum nuts and found natives in Sydney
Sophie, an asian woman with short black hair, stands looking out the window holding a framed botanical artwork