Meraki Fire Ceramics
Studio Visit & Mentoring Session

Product & Brand Photography

Unique handmade jewellery inspired by the seaside

Sydney ceramicist and jewellery maker Nicole Redenbach of Meraki Fire Ceramics commissioned me to capture her at her home studio, parts of her making process, candid portraits, and the place that inspires her — the seaside.

As part of this session together, we also combined time for photography mentoring where Nic could get to know her own camera better, how to look for ways to tell everyday stories, and to establish a set up where she can style her final jewellery pieces ongoing. Through taking the time to understand the Meraki Fire Ceramics brand direction and knowing Nic wanted to highlight the artisanal quality of her work, we worked together to utilise props and materials she already had around the studio to elevate her jewellery moving forward and ways she can use her own camera to achieve her desired outcome.

After the session, Nic messaged: “Thank you so much for my beautiful photos, I love them!! You managed to capture so many lovely natural shots of me, my process, and my jewellery. I have so many favourites and can’t wait to start sharing them. You’ve reignited my creativity for taking photos and I can’t wait to put it all together. You’ve really told my story so well and I look forward to future shoots down the track.”

Half day shoot / July 2022

Portrait of Meraki Fire Ceramics maker Nicole Redenbach wearing a blue apron and holding a plate of handmade stamps and shells
Ocean blue glazed ceramic earrings with stainless steel clasps made by Meraki Fire Ceramics Sydney
Making patterns on clay using a handmade stamp
Handmade ceramic earring process by Meraki Fire Ceramics
Tools and materials at the studio of Meraki Fire Ceramics Sydney
Bisque fired clay pieces ready for glazing by Meraki Fire Ceramics
Glazing small clay pieces by hand for the final firing
Meraki Fire Ceramics handmade earrings
Shiny ocean blue ceramic pendant on sterling silver chain, handmade by Meraki Fire Ceramics
Jewellery photography styling for Meraki Fire Ceramics Sydney by Samee Lapham
Maker Nicole Redenbach smiles candidly in her home studio of Meraki Fire Ceramics Sydney
Exploring the shoreline in Fairlight Sydney
Little collected shells, leaves and a raw timber branch