Product & Brand Photography

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Bringing together a bunch of local Melbourne makers into one space, pals Esther Sandler (Togetherness Design) and Nat Pye (Wolf & Mishka) created and hosted PALS Pop Up in Neon Parlour Gallery in Thornbury for the 2019 Christmas gift-giving period. These two gal pals commissioned me to capture the space and the colourful array of products on display, as well as some fun portraits of the pair to share with their community on Instagram.

3hr level-up shoot / December 2019

Julia White colourful printed socks
Nice Digs hand painted leather dog colours and dog leads
Shop interior with locally made fashion and gifts
A shelfie in the shop displaying handmade ceramics, prints and textiles
Handmade and hand painted ceramic brooches by Togetherness Design
Melbourne made Mosey Me linen napkins wrapped and ready to gift
PALS Pop Up shop interior with centre table display and clothing racks
Handmade and hand painted ceramics by Togetherness Design
Red and white gingham dress by Squint
Emily Green polymer clay earrings placed on brightly illustrated silk scarf by Julie White
Earrings on display
Rack of locally Melbourne made ethical fashion
Wooden rack of locally made fashion on display in PALS Pop Up Thornbury Melbourne
Melbourne made ceramic planters by Leaf and Thread
Interior view of the shop hosted in gallery space Neon Parlour Thornbury
An array of gift ideas locally made in Melbourne on display in shop window
Portrait of Esther Sandler and Nat Pye, founders of PALS Pop Up in Melbourne
Exterior shot of PALS Pop Up hosted at Neon Parlour gallery space in Thornbury
Screenprinted tote bag with bright red apple on the front by Melbourne brand Bon Luxe
Handmade and hand painted porcelain bowls with blue swishes of paint
Esther Sandler and Nat Pye at PALS Pop Up Shop Melbourne
An excitable portrait of Esther and Nat at PALS Pop Up shop
Esther and Nat dance in front of the camera