Emi Ceramics

Product Photography

Ceramic teapots and teacups

Ceramicist Melody Brunton of Emi Ceramics commissioned me to photograph a range of new works for her website and social media, using only natural light located at her shared pottery studio in Bargo, NSW.

These pieces are all made unique through Melody’s use of custom made glazes and a mixture of electric and wood-firing techniques — meaning all of her pieces result as one-off treasures. It’s an honour to get to capture such beautiful works like this!

Mini shoot / October 2023

Ceramic teapot on a teapot warmer and accompanying teacup, with unique glazes dripping down the sides in neutral tones made by Emi Ceramics
Sets of teacups in dark, eggshell and cream glazes
Two woodfired vases
One-off woodfired vase
Ceramics studio shelves filled with unique works by Emi Ceramics
Ceramic tea trays
Ceramic planter
Teacups with handles
Set of three woodfired vases in varying sizes
Woodfired vase is lifted from the table showing low relief surface design
Ceramic teapot with brass handle and teapot warmer
Set of two teacups stacked together
Melody Brunton of Emi Ceramics in her pottery studio in Bargo NSW
Large faceted woodfired ceramic vase in white by Emi Ceramics
Selection of works by Emi Ceramics on a table together
Ceramic planters stacked together in the hands of Melody Brunton as she arranges the studio in the morning sun