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Terrace houses side by side on a bright sunny day

A series begins

This is a series I started a long while ago, completely unintentionally. It was when I had moved to a new area of Sydney, sharing a flat with my cousin in the wide, leafy streets of Waverton. It was the first time either of us had lived out of home and I felt entirely free—to roam as I liked.

Instagram had only recently been downloaded to my phone and I was exploring ‘mobile photography’ for the first time, at the recommendation of a friend. I went on regular walks around Waverton, looking at all the houses, blocks of flats, letterboxes, gardens. It was the physical numbers and plaques of these places that caught my eye, which I guess says something about my fascination with typography and design. I snapped what is now known as my first #neighbourhoodnumbers, and I have been photographing the houses and dwellings of places around the world ever since. I love that this can really define an area, a person, a personality, how something is kept and translates time, effort, style, season.

I’ve been wanting to share my archive of findings with you (dear internet) for some time, and to also encourage myself to photograph a portfolio of new places too. At the end of 2015 I moved back to Sydney from London, and then onto Melbourne in January 2016. This city’s houses are incredible and so vast in style—on my street alone, where I live, none are the same. I hope to share with you what I see on my weekly wanderings.

This post: Fitzroy North, Melbourne, April 2016.

Home with large archway entrance and leafy surrounds
Autumn leaves fill the footpath in front of rickety iron fence and letterbox
White and blue house with wooden deck and large number 2
White picket fence and creamy iron lattice design feature on this housefront
Tall double storey terrace houses on a bright sunny day
Dark and blonde brick detailing with white iron lattice housefront
Red brick home with white fence, lattice and window detailing
Bright aqua Volkswagen parked outside blonde brick apartment block
White house with blue trims
Rose bush in the shape of a heart
Rusty iron gates open to a freestanding housefront
Two gates open to adjoining single-storey terrace houses
Pale blue terrace house with burgundy detailing