Radical Yes Autumn Installation

Product & Lifestyle Photography

To celebrate the change of season, Radical Yes commissioned floral artist Vivien Hollingsworth, of Flos Botanical Studio, to create an installation in their Melbourne storefront. Radical Yes sent me along for the afternoon to document Vivien’s process for Yes!Journal.

March/April 2017

Vignette of a florists workshop studio
Florist holding a big bunch of colourful strawflowers
Florist picking the blooms off strawflowers
Flowers and a florists tools sitting on the workbench
Hanging strawflower garlands
Florist threads strawflower blooms with string to make garlands
Portrait of Melbourne florist Vivien Hollingsworth of Flos Botanical Studio
Shoes by Radical Yes alongside Flos Botanical Studio's toolbox
Florist hanging colourful strawflower garlands in Radical Yes storefront
Shoes by Radical Yes hang amongst strawflower garlands in their store window
Strawflower bouquet on the desk at Radical Yes
Vivien of Flos Botanical Studio standing in front of her workshop
Autumn Winter 2017 range of shoes from Radical Yes hanging in their store window
On the window at the Radical Yes store reads - Smile, Happy Looks Good On You