Nanna Woo Handmade

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Two sisters creating between Melbourne & Tasmania

Hanna and Gabby, sisters and co-makers of popular bio-resin jewellery and homewares label Nanna Woo Handmade, got in touch about creating and photographing a range of content to use across their Instagram, website and market applications, as well as their respective wholesaler catalogue.

Over the course of a two-day shoot and two locations, we worked to capture everything from their rings, bangles, earrings and necklaces to platters, planters, vases and salad servers—as well as some fun portraits of the ladies behind the label (very important!). Nanna Woo is all about lots of colour, texture, natural botanicals and a cheeky bit of bio-glitter; where more really is more! Hanna and Gabby are now equipped with an extensive library of versatile images that help to tell their brand story and showcase their handmade products on people and in situ, which their growing audience and wholesalers have responded to in spades.

Styling: Nanna Woo / March 2019

Handmade resin homewares and tableware made in Australia
Sisters Hanna and Gabby of Nanna Woo Handmade Resin Jewellery and Homewares label
Botanical resin loop earrings handmade in Australia
Set of two resin studs
Oversized one of a kind handmade resin ring
Handmade resin plates and vases with foraged botanicals
Handmade resin bangles in pinks and blues
Hand with rings, bangles and flowers
Outdoor wooden table full of colourful resin homewares
Close up of resin plates with botanical pieces set inside
Handmade resin rings and earrings full of colour, forage botanicals and glitter
Handmade resin vase with bougainvillea
Set of statement bangles made with resin and botanical flowers
Overgrown house plants and dried flowers in resin vase
Vibrant resin jewellery and homewares in pinks, purples and blues
Colourful vivid handmade resin rings and bangles
Close up of resin ring in unique one of a kind shape
Oversized resin earrings with florals set inside
Stack of resin plates, bowls and planters
Deep blue resin vase full of dried flowers
Flat lay of autumnal tableware
Colourful handmade resin bowls and planters
Handmade resin bangles with foraged botanicals set inside
Portrait of sisters Hanna and Gabby of Nanna Woo Handmade