The Times of London

User Experience, Creative Direction
& Design

Curating the best articles of the week

To target their audience outside of the UK, The Times of London saw an opportunity to launch an International Weekly Edition that hosts a curated selection of its best 100 articles of each week. Released for both mobile and tablet, members can access the weekly digest whilst on the go, with the intention that each edition can be read in totality before the next release.

Articles are presented collectively from a single homescreen or can be accessed by jumping straight to a section like Sport or Comment. Taking on a new design direction, article templates were systematically designed for a variety of use cases dependent on content.

Role: Lead UX & Visual Designer  /  Created whilst at The Times, London  /  2015

Alongside the International Weekly Edition, I was also responsible for the concepting and UX of the internal ‘editor’ the journalists would use to upload articles to the app, as well as the article design of The Times and The Sunday Times’ channels on Apple News, launched in 2015.

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