The Kind Guide

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Knowing the story behind our clothes

I created, researched and designed The Kind Guide because I was uncertain about where to shop for ethical clothing and many of my friends and contacts felt the same way. What this means, is brands and companies who are transparent in the way they produce their products/clothing and how they run their business. After learning about the negative state of the garment manufacturing industry, I can no longer shop with a brand unless I know they are taking responsibility for their impact—on people and planet.

I’m interested in brands who are aware of their supply chain; who pay living wages to their workers; who are minimising their impact on the environment through more sustainable ways of producing; who are innovating and advocating for change in an industry that desperately needs it. These are the brands who know #whomademyclothes.

The Kind Guide is my way of putting out into the world what I’ve found, in the hope it will inspire others to shop more consciously and value the things we buy and own.

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