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Wearing your values

I was commissioned by Nessie Croft of Melbourne label Coreprêt to design and re-launch their Shopify website—one that pioneers the label’s brand identity, compelling imagery and new content direction.

Coreprêt creates considered and conscious garments, with ethics and sustainability at the core of everything they do. After several years of experimentation as a label and diving into a range of social research, Coreprêt set to relaunch their website with a limited edition of tried-and-tested tailored pants intended for a lifetime of wear and a nod to corporate vs comfort dressing.

It was imperative that the Coreprêt site could champion a single product offering at the time of launch, and continue to adapt to their approach of a slower production model as they release more items over time. The goal for the website design and content structure was to better present Coreprêt’s collections, tell their story in an engaging way, and share regular articles and thoughts—letting the label’s strong aesthetic and Nessie’s industry knowledge truly shine.

We also workshopped the content hierarchy, copywriting, SEO techniques and call-to-actions, ensuring a clear user experience, brand consistency and storytelling were at the forefront. The delivered site offers full control and flexibility for Coreprêt moving forward, as they continue to iterate and grow their online content.

Visit  /  Design based on Shopify theme  /  2019

Responsive website design on Shopify for Melbourne fashion label Corepret
Mobile website design for Melbourne fashion label Corepret
Custom houndstooth tailored pants ethically made in Melbourne
Corepret limited edition cream tailored pants and button up vest
Online store design for fashion label Melbourne