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I was commissioned by Kylie Weir of A Quirk of Fate to redesign their e-commerce Shopify website after they hit a roadblock on how to manage over 2000 products in an easy-to-use way. After completing a rebrand, not only was this project about transforming the front-end design of their website to better represent the in-real-life experience of their Melbourne brick & mortar store, but about creating a content hierarchy and backend process that the retail team can follow from their point of sale system to successfully publish new products in the corresponding product categories (deep breath!)

Through an initial website audit of AQOF’s previous Shopify website, I worked to customise the design and content hierarchy by selecting and customising a new Shopify theme that would work harder for their large inventory, establishing new product categories and a navigation for the breadth of their product offering, as well as creating a range of curated gift guides they can build on and reflect their tagline of being the local ‘one-stop wonder shop’!

Alongside the design process, further improvements were made to improve site speed, create a welcome email and ongoing promotional newsletters, and form a content strategy for their social media approach. A Quirk of Fate saw online sales increase by over 500% in the first ninety days (three months) after launch compared to the previous period using a previous design.

Visit aquirkoffate.com /  Launched 2020

A Quirk of Fate website homepage screenshot on a desktop browser, featuring a bright colour palette to complement their wide range of products
Website design for A Quirk of Fate gift shop in Northcote Melbourne, showing desktop screens of the homepage and gift guides
Website design for A Quirk of Fate gift shop in Northcote Melbourne, showing mobile screens of the homepage, navigation, and blog posts